Friday, January 27, 2023

Reaching FRAHM Synergy

Here are some basics you should know regarding how we operate in the FX arena. The FRAHM method is not just TA but also includes real-time PA and Fibonacci in concert trading.

London and New York sessions are the primary timeframes for the group.

No fees or dues. No proprietary software is used. 

No published Forex Signals of any kind. Few if any exotic pairs, mostly just the primary ones: EU, UC, UJ, GU and AU.  We talk about commodities like Gold, Silver, Copper, Oil and the G20+ calendar indicators. This includes BIS, BDI and more.

There are no competitions or set goals other than asset preservation and profitable trading. (Basic rules of risk management.) 

Every member is independent of the group. English is the groups language of choice but not required.  whether you trade at the micro-lot level or full lot level, everyone can benefit from group conversation. 

All communications as a group are via Google Workspace which includes Chat, Meet and Gmail.  As well as email to text where supported.

You'll need to request to speak someone on the phone for more information by texting your Name and Number (including country code and any needed suffix) to 1.915.373.0118 and you'll get a call back within a reasonable period of time. There is no obligation of any kind.

My name is Rod and I can see three States and two Countries from my front porch. Let's trade!

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