Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Specialized FatBoy Tires

OK, I just have to tell you about my tire find to replace my Schwalbe Stelvio's that just got flats like it was going out of style. It was suggested on BROL that these FatBoys by Specialized were suitable substitutes so I went out to my local bike shop Crazy Cat Cyclery and picked up a set.

Wow, do these FatBoy tires hold true to the description of having an improved pucture protection system and are light enough for me to say they are for road riding (I don't race) all for a price that's hard to beat and come in under 400 grams.

FatBoy 250mile report: No flats yet and not any problems with a tire that rides like a "Nissan Maxima" compared to the Schwalbe Stelvio's that in comparison were like riding on steel rims! And the comfort at 100 psi is just to love! I did a few miles on large chip-seal without the usual fatigue in the back from the bumpy surface! They're keepers for sure!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Blog and Ride Updates via Twitter

OK, so I don't post that often. However if you want to keep track of river trail rides and my bla bla bla stuff you'll need to subscribe to (wrong word) "follow" me on Twitter. If you need to email me then do so at your own risk (I don't check it that often.) But I do take SMS / TEXT and calls to my Google Voice number: 915.373.0118 and that is any time and your message, Text or Voicemail will find me in real-time, unless I'm off the grid.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Best all-round SWB 26-26 bike made!

My RANS Enduro is the Jeep of Short Wheel Base (SWB) dual 26" bike.

As you can see the trussed frame is bulit to take anything thrown at it and keep going.
What I like the most is that I have 3 wheel sets that range from ultralight Velocity Thracian with Stelvio's to 36 Spoke heavy duty wheels with Marathon XR's for chip sealed roads on hot 110 deg. Days.