Saturday, May 22, 2010

Buggy now has Bounce

It was time for new shoes for the buggy as the Primo Comets (kevlar) were just a little hard riding and had zero loose soil traction.

The Specialized Rhythm Control tires for both front and back have directional roll / tread pattern and added knobs on the sides for traction in the loose sandy sections. The center tread pattern is flat as flat gets and makes for great quiet rolling on the street or trails.

Don't get me wrong, the Comets are fantastic durable near flat proof tires but the off road and comfort benefits are not there (this is my third set of Comets.) I've been exploring the smaller irrigation levies in the upper valley of West El Paso and was tired of getting stuck in the sandy sections.

With the new wide tires (2.25 front and 2.35 rear) there's not much that will stop me rolling right through or over it now. My last ride was 13 miles of Rio Grande levy and irrigation levy with Buick like comfort and a lot of it is shaded by trees!